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“Exploration and Discovery”

In our stimulating and creative toddler program, we encourage your child to learn by touching, seeing, and exploring. Our curriculum is designed to instill in your child the joy of learning and discovering the world around him. Your child will love his time spent at Purpose Kids! Whether its exploring our myriad selection of educational toys, sharing in group activities, playing games, engaging in story time, getting plenty of exercise during ‘open-gym’ time, or enjoying music, singing, dancing and praise and worship, your child’s day will be full of fun, exploration and intellectual stimulation.  All activities are designed to meet your child’s developmental and cognitive milestones, but he’ll never know! He’ll just think he’s having a blast!

The curriculum promotes:

  • Activities designed to improve socialization skills by learning to play alongside peers
  • Gross and fine motor development through play and other physical activities
  • Language development
  • Cognitive development
  • Music as an aid to learning
  • Ethics and morality using biblical & moral themes
  • Literacy based programming to help children get a head start on literacy
  • Self-help and responsibility skills
  • Character-building and empathy skills
  • Emphasis on health and wellness, including ‘open gym time’ where your toddler will engage in organized and supervised sports, games and recreation