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Pre-K & Kindergarten

girl paint“Building the Foundation for Success in Elementary School”

Our curriculum is designed to meet the cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of your children and to prepare them for elementary education and beyond by equipping them with skills and concepts necessary for success. Our curriculum includes:

♦ A phonics-based approach to literacy to ensure children start school with the skills they need.

♦ Mathematical concepts and skills learned in fun and creative ways. Our mathematics curriculum is not just about helping your child learn math, it’s also about helping your child learn to love

♦  Christian curriculum that introduces your child to basic christian and moral concepts, ethical character development, good citizenship, self-help skills, and peer social development.

♦ Emphasis on health and wellness, including ‘open gym time’ where your pre-schooler will engage in organized and supervised sports, games and recreation.

♦ Regularly scheduled parent conferences where teachers and staff can share learning objectives and observations with parents.